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Having been totally underwhelmed by most of the GW mag's ideas for summer containers, I thought we might share some ideas and pics of what has or hasn't worked in the past, and what we're planning for this year. Do you prefer just one variety in a pot ( easy option! ), or are you good at mixtures?  Last year I tried Isotoma on their own, but after a few weeks they looked messy as they are a real chore to try and deadhead.

hollie hock

I don't really do a lot of summer pots but have just planted a few. Lobelia, some trailing stock and some night scented stock for the evening fragrance.

morning. I have horseradish in one pot and some lilies in another two which are looking beautiful right now. Also have garlic (looking not long till harvesting)  and my sweetcorn which are growing very well at the minute.


Gosh, I'm sooooooooooooo behind schedule!  Only done my tomato pots, the rest are empty. 


Agapanthus look good in pots, mine are coming along nicely.  Also pelargoniums, fuchsias and hostas (if you can keep the snails away). Alliums also do well and look great, and the bees love them. Also have a couple of Acers (one red, one green) which look fab in big pots.  Looking forward to admiring them later on the patio with a glass of wine


I usually keep to one type of plant per pot, but this year have mixed them all for a change.  there are lobelia, ivy, petunias, geraniums, Alyssum, stock, Alliums, lillies, pansys, lavender, liatris, aubrieta and osteospermum.    Keeping my fingers crossed for a lovely riot of colour this summer

oh, and a couple of fuschias in there somewhere too

I plant in pots too. I have a lovely deep purple pansy and a fuchsia in 1 pot. The pansy came after the fuchsia. In my conservatory, which I call my nursery, I have numerous little pots, growing from seed, no not the pots!..nasturtiums, and something which said mixed colours annuals, I think. So far, I can see theres some cosmos.,

ps to above... I also have marigolds and nasturtiums, which have been, mysteriously, stripped. I also have a dahlia.I also have 3 deep purple delphiniums?larkspur?

Patty pan squash, Tomatoes, Some slug munched peas that have now recovered but are not suitable for allotment. Trailing fuchsia. and the usual stuff you put in hanging baskets.


 I love isotoma - never bother deadheading, and it just goes on and on flowering.  Everything else contributes to the flowery froth - lobelia, calliabrocha, marguerites and blue salvia.  Not very adventurous, but I am happy with the look it gives


Out the font in the sun mostly singular plantings - lilies, acidanthera, agapanthus, mints.     Three roses under-planted with pansies, one mixed herb pot with rosemary, sage, thyme and summer savoury.   The window boxes this year each have 5 chilies in them.   By the front door I have two pots of variegated euonymus, pieris and ivy to be brightened up this afternoon with shocking ping pelargoniums.  Up until recently they had deep red cyclamen which are now in their own pots waiting to go into the border.

Out the back which is north facing but gets plenty of light and full sun from 3pm, about 20 single hostas big and small, pots and troughs of fuchsias, a Japanese maple, a pineapple sage, parsley, white chives and ginger mint and some plants waiting to grow big enough to go in the borders - a young spiraea, a choisya, 4 clems, 3 roses, a golden rain tree and a gunnera.

If I do hanging baskets they tend to be trailing pelargoniums which are forgiving of neglect and easy to deadhead and keep flowering.  Don't like the stickiness of petunias or fussy mixed plantings.  If I had a sheltered garden I'd do frothy flowers but not mixed.


looks lovely,Chicky

I have a lot of blueberries in the back 2 hanging baskets in front with fuchsias trailing Geraniums and laurentia,3 tubs with snaps fuchsias and trailing geraniums

Chicky, thats so pretty and cheerful!



Where do you all find the time to water all these pots, never mind the inclination and the tyranny of having to do it every day?


All the borders around my lawns, are stone, so I have to use pots and containers. Also, I dont have an outside tap, so water with a watering-can. I am retired, so have the time, and I love it.


A hosepipe at the front.  Another at the back.  Two water butts and a watering can for the acid lovers.   It's therapeutic going round watering and talking to your plants and lets you check what needs feeding/dead heading etc.

So interesting to hear what you are all growing - such a variety!  Chicky, I love your group of pots - my favourite colours too!  Has anyone else got photos of last summer's containers.  The things I have permanently in pots are lilies, agapanthus, roses, hydrangea and clematis.  I like to ring the changes with  different plants and colours most summers.  Last year my two pots of tuberous begonias were fantastic so I have bought more of those this year.  Am also trying pelargoniums for the first time. 


Lilies in pots. Daturas in pots. A large mandevilla (red). Some calla lilies.Cannas,  A large banana. Some white flowered argyranthemums. I only have one thing in a pot,when it is done I swap them around. Also a few succulents such as aeoniums and echeverias.