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Green is the colour of the sparkling corn when we rise, when we rise - he missed out a bit in that clip. Boy, does it take me back.....

Pennine Petal
Jean, should we start calling you hippy chick? I got my first pink and purple needle cord A line dress with a zip and with a big ring in 1967 from C&A. No more dresses with waists and sashes. A couple of years later I had hair like curtains and a leather headband. No photos unfortunately.

Back on topic

Clematis cirrhosa- freckles and jingle bells are evergreern climbers and flower late winter/early spring. If you planted them now they may not flower till next winter but you should have a show every year there after.Freckles is scented with white/maroon flowers and jingle bells has creamy/white flowers. 

They may need some protection during their first winter though.


Jean Genie

I had flowers in my hair, Glyn  and that flippin song is going round and round in my head


C. Freckles also gets very big, And in this bizarre season, been flowering here in S. Devon since July!

Both freckles and jingle bells are rigorous but not invasive , the bonus is they look lush during winter when a lot of plants have died back, grown on a trellis they add colour to the garden when little else is growing or in the green.

 I'm in the NW and freckles did flower in July, I put it down to the weather. Jingle bells hasn't flowered so I'm looking forward to a show in December or January time and it's possible freckles may flower again at the same time.   

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