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Once grew spigelia Marilandica......a lovely variety called wisley jester.....but cannot now get it.  Lovely red and yellow flowers on compact perennial bush.  A real eye catcher that I kept for a few years but then lost it.

Cannot now find a supplier.  Would love to have it again.  So, it's a plant I crave 

sure kef'll say mecanopsis!

I crave many large flowering trees but due to having a small garden it's totally out of the question.

I have to make do with looking at other peoples


I'd really love to have a Plumeria, remind me of visiting warmer climates!

flowering rose

foxglove tree or foxtail lily both I cant grow .



Variegated daphniphyllum ( Daphniphyllum himalaense ssp. macropodum)


I bought some tulips 18 months ago called multi-headed red bouquet.  True to their name each bulb had a number of rich red flowers that looked incredible.  Can't find them anywhere now, not even on the producers web site.

Language Blairs 

Two other plamts I cannot seem to locate now....euryops acraeus and sisyrinchium white snow. (this is a delightful non seeding beauty with pure white flowers)

Thanks Sue

Burncoose is not far from me but they do not stock this particular variety of sisynchrium.  I did have success with a Scottish nursery but again no longer stocked.  Will check out the others you mention. 



Meconopsis any blue. Variegated Ceanothus. Can obtain them but can't keep either.

Sorry Verdun, not elusive, I'll get my coat

Stacey Docherty

Pacific frost hellibore ( although I did get seeds this year from burncoose) will wait and see if they do anything next year .....

star gaze lily

A beautiful old fashioned blousey deep red rose that was in my parents garden. And for the life a me I can't remember the name of it.

I'd also love a weeping willow tree.

Not really elusive.

Orchid Lady

At the moment I don't crave one specific plant, I just want my garden to be colourful and pretty in the summer, as I can see it in my mind.

I did want an Iceberg Rose but that is now arriving today along with my Geum Totally Tangerine  

cherry tree if i ever get rid of the rhododendron i'll have one.. lavender doesn't do great in my garden and it's one of my favourites, i'm trying again with lots if grit in sunniest place i can find, ol i got iceberg climber last year in partial shade doing v well flowered lat year even though only planted august, at least roses seem to like our clay soil

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