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Hi! Ive recently made a border from stuff i had sitting around, some of it was stuff id brought for the inlaws, but never got chance to use it, so not really my taste. There is a red filbert, plummy herucherers, white campanula pyramidalis, pink roses and cream roses against the fence ( brother cadfel, genorous gardener and wild edric), everlasting sweet pea, foxgloves, hardy gerainium, white jap anemone and pampas grass, basically pinks, plums and white, maybe a bit of blue when the gerainiums flower. This border really dosent do it for me, it needs something else, but i dont know what, its also fairly shady, northish facing and heavyer soil. Any ideas?
Thanks Dove, i was looking for a colour wheel that id seen in one of my mags, this is easier!

Never thought of green, i wonder if some of those green gladioli would grow there? I do have some bulbs coming up, but cant remember for the life of me what they are!
A chap posted an id thread with one one yesterday i think, i love green and cream flowers, really regretting all this pink stuff i brought a few years back!

I will make do with this border for a bit, but i think when ive got some pennies it will have to be re-homed


Bekkie get rid of the pampas grass for a's a plant for isolation and space.  It's also a thug and not nice around children (those leaves are sharp)

Not sure about the colour wheel, dove, perennials can be moved and divided to ri g the changes if things clash.

Heucheras and pinks go well together Bekkie.......out of flower the blue evergreen foliage of pinks comtrast beautifully with red/purple evergreen Heucheras.  In flower too they blend. 

Whites?  Never put 2 different whites will always outdo the other.  However whites are essential for me. They never clash with anything.  

Try to understand how big your geraniums might be.....some swamp everything others more restrained.  

Plan now, on paper, how your plants will look, complement one another and contrast.  Think of the winter scene too.  Can you get some structure, even low forms....erect, upright like grasses. Libertias, Phormiums, ......over the off season? 

Seems like you have sun and shade there plant accordingly.  Plants actually look better when they are happy

How about a list of exactly what plants you have, what you may add and a description amd size of your border?


I love pink in the garden and have just planted up a whole section of border with shades of pink from pale to deep fuchsia to flower from spring to late summer.   It can sometimes need clear whites or purple shades to set it off and relieve the sugariness and a lot depends on foliage colour and textures too.

However, the idea of gold or lime green is good and would be more modern.  If you have the space, try a shrub such as choisya ternata Sundance whose foliage is evergreen and golden/lime green and which would be happy in shade.   Alternatively, a big fat hosta Sum and Substance would be great but would die back in winter.    Astilboides likes shade and woud give large round, fancy edged leaves and tall, elegant plumes of masses of tiny, white flowers

For a lower plant for front of border, try which sways beautifully in a breeze and likes a shady spot.  Its stems are a pinky purple too so woud pick up with the pinks in your border.  It turns straw coloured in winter and just needs cutting back in spring and given a bit of a feed.   Another possibility would be hosta Gold Edger.

Thanks for the tip on white flowers, i didnt know that

When i said pinks, i meant pink flowered thinks, had a mad thing for pink a few years ago, but am considering pinks because of the scent.

The pampas is a stop gap til i get the lovely grass obelixx reccomened, i promise i wont let the pampas get big, no kids here either, but did find out how sharp the leaves are!

There is a winter garden developing a little further down that border which turns with the gravel path, needs a bit of sorting out too, i really wanted a cedrus deodara but think i may get a cornus kousa or similar now for the corner.

Ive got cordyline (cabbage palm thnig) will that grow in semi shade in place of a phormium?

The geraniums arent a problem, i can pull them out if they get too big, just something to fill a gap at the moment.

Forgot to say ive also got a trachelospurm jasminodies and a acanthus in that bed, only moved the acanthus a few weeks ago, so still reasonably small but does have a flower.

The sun is mainly at the front of the bed, the back where the roses are is pretty shady until around 1ish
Im going to put that other grass you reccomended in this bed obelixx

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