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The leaves on the box plants in containers either side of my front door are going brown and falling off.  This has all happened in a week!  I hope it's not box blight!  I really hope someone can help.


 I'm not sure whether the photos have uploaded or not!

It's not box blight, has it been frosted and exposed to cold wind?

Hello Dave. Thanks for replying.  I'm relieved it's not box blight!  I live in the South East and we have had quite a lot of frost during the last few weeks.  The front of the house is east facing and it has been quite windy for some time so that could be it.  What should I do now?

I notice exposed roots in the bottom picture so I'd get those under the soil for a start, a feed of fish bone and blood and let the warmer weather get to it, maybe move it for a while, although box can tolerate some shade full shade isn't great for it. Warmer weather and that elusive thing the sun will appear this week so it will perk up.


yes, the sun arrived too solely to save my begonias though....


Thank you again, Dave.  The plants do get the early morning sun so with the frost and wind, the leaves have been well and truly scorched!  I will removed all the dead leaves, feed them and cover the roots.

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