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Looking through the seed catalogues, as us gardeners do at this time, my eye has been caught by a climbing Dicentra, with yellow flowers, and what are described as decorative brown seed pods.

What is catching your eye?


A climbing dicentra with yellow flowers sounds pretty exotic. 

My eyes are trained on much more mundane things. Last summer I watched the bees flying past my red runner beans without a second look all summer. They took until the end of summer to pay the slightest, sniffiest attention to my red and white ones. So this year I am planning on trying sone white-flowered ones. Maybe Moonlight.

Victoria Sponge

That's interesting, the yellow dicentra, not that I'm an expert on these things. The website I went on described it as 'elf climbing' which I like even more

I'm moderately self indulgent so I've already ordered a lot of exciting things for next year but at the moment I've got my eye on some dahlias from a specialist nursery not too far away and some gladioli I need for a colour scheme. They're from what looks to be a show/exhibit place, but they won't know I'm just a normal person will they


I'm always on the look-out for more dahlias, but I'm looking at growing some cannas from seed for the new " Jungle " border .


The climbing dicentra is great punkdoc, a lovely shade plant. Copes with anything except hot and dry. One of mine  had its roots under water for ages last winter and flowered for weeks this year.




just bitten the bullet and ordered 6 ginger rhizomes and a packet of ginger seed.


Hosta, can you grow ginger plants from bits of supermarket ginger, sure I've seen it somewhere.

A decent lawn mower is catching my eye this year, one that starts on a key, I cant be doing with these pull cord jobbies.

I have lots of different seeds this year from the seed swap, Nut sent me some paricularly nice ones, all a challenge, so no seed cats for me this year.


Lyn, I've no idea to be honest. Give it a go and see what happens?? I'd be  interested to see the results.



I'd like to try growing ginger too. I'd heard it is quite invasive - anyone grown it before?

I can never start the pull cord mowers Lyn! I End up looking like (even more of) a nutter trying to yank ours into life 

On the seeds / plant catalogues; my eyes lit up at the lovely colours and photos in the Sarah Raven one yesterday. I was thinking WOW, I wish I could grow such perfect Blooms!  On closer inspection though, the images look a bit faked. Like they've been doctored or superimposed onto background shots. I wonder if I'm paranoid or if they actually do this??


Can't comment on Sarah Ravens catalogue, I haven't seen it, but there are a lot of 'improved' images in catalogues.


thanks for the link. I think I'll give it a miss - sounds slow, and big, and tricky!


..I received these recently, and already sown a few...

Agastache cana - a C. Lloyd recommendation

Agastache foeniculum 'Golden Jubilee'... I saw this on another forum and rather liked it..

Alonsoa meridionalis 'Rebel'.. just my favourite tender perennial..the Mexican Hat...deep red and graceful...

Ampelodesmos mauritanica... tender ornamental grass that I first saw on a photo of member 'Obelixx'... from her Chelsea visit...

Oenothera caespitosa 'Rosea'... no idea why..

Oenothera 'Copper Canyon'... I liked the name..

Omphalodes cappadocica.... I need a few...

.obviously, I only looked at A's and O's...


to clarify, when I said I was buying gingers, I should have said Hedychium, the ornamental, rather than culinary. 


Oh dear. I went to the garden centre for a few primulas to fill up the tatty window boxes and came home with a lime tree instead. It 's covered in flowers and flower buds. A buy and die, knowing me.

Still, it smells so tropical. I'll just have to think of it as like a bouquet and enjoy its display while it lasts.



It's in a nasty 3 litre plastic pot. I shall wiat and see if it dies next week before investing in something to suit its beauty.

Pansyface...........come on, admit it.........your heart wasn't really in buying primulas was it ?  That "oh so casual mention " of finding yourself with a Lime tree instead ?  Doesn't wash you know

Not anything in particular at the moment but have just woken up !   A couple more cannas though are tempting me.

Have grown a few hedychiums but they are invasive for me down here.  The mild climate doesnt control them.  However. They are exotic to look at, many are scented amd they will well in large containers.  Prob just persuaded myself to do just that.

In the garden they produce vigorous root systems so prob best on their own somewhere.


Er... well, the window boxes are still empty, it's true...


Well done for buying that Pansy, usually I would have some really lovely shrub or tree in mind, clock the price and buy a box of 6 primulas