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I duuno Phil, I can't see nuffink.

Maybe that's what the problem is, it's an invisible plant.


if you click on the non image what comes up says webkit fake image  (or similar), we may not be missing much


iPad doesn't even do that.

 Sorry guys, I'm new to this site!  We bought it at a local garden centre thinking it was a banana plant of some sort. This is the first time it has done this in 3 years.  


Having looked at some google images I think it as a banana plant. 


Here it is right way up. The leaf looks like a banana, but the flower certainly is strange!



Wow that is amazing.  Whatever it is it loves the hot summer.


This is a banana flower. Looks pretty similiar

 Guess you're gonna get bananas! Ive grown them for years and never had one 


I've just found this image online. Looks the same as mine and is called a Hua Plee banana plant. Mystery solved! Lets just hope the nice weather continues long enough to give fruit.



Not a hardy one then Phil. Do you have somewhere to overwinter it?

We'll bring it into the conservatory when it cools down as we have done previously. I have just read up on the plant. Apparently the flowers are sterile and won't produce fruit. Other banana plants have both male and female flowers and do produce fruit. oh well never mind. When in full leaf it's a great structural plant. We love it. Best tenner we ever spent.


Good would be horrible to lose it. Shame about the fruit but with a flower like that who cares! 

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