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The potty gardener

I got this from someone on Freegle but have no idea what it is? Can anyone help please?



Pennine Petal
I saw something similar today which was a eucryphia but the petals were slightly larger, so not absolutely sure.

I think it might be a myrtle bush.  It has shiny evergreen leaves which have a scent which I'd describe as a cross between bay leaves and caramel (just my opinion).  It has fluffy white flowers, followed by blue-black edible berries. The oil from the leaves is supposed to be good for sinus complaints.

The potty gardener

Thank you very much. The flowers are so delicate. I will wait to see the berries and may even risk trying one!


hollie hock

Looks a very pretty plant


Myrtle, a plant native to the Mediterranean, is cultivated primarily in Europe and is most commonly found in recipes from European cultures. It lends a slight bitterness and a citrus note to dishes and is perfect when paired with bacon or veal.  In the past, it was used commonly as a wrapping or stuffing for clay-baked or pit-roasted meats and it imparts an interesting flavour. Like many other aromatic leaves (bay, eucalyptus, allspice leaves, rosemary or thyme), myrtle branches (or even dried myrtle leaves) thrown on the hot coals of a barbecue impart a very interesting flavour to barbecued meats. Myrtle leaves also make an useful addition to the wood used in smokers.

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