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what is it

large leaf plant with bud displaying red berry type pods which doesnt develop into a flower

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This just appeared in the garden.  Formed a green pod and when the pod burst what you see in the picture is the result.  Hoping its not toxic.


Iris foetidissima. Stinking or Gladwin Iris

Your photo reminds me that I have none of these this year. Why is that?


I don't know if it's toxic.  I've never tried it


They are very tough and alegedly if you break the leaf and sniff it smells of roast beef, hence the name of Stinking iris. I've come across two types one with a beige flower and one with blue. The flowers are very small. I think birds or rodents spread the seeds as once you've got them they'll spring up all over the place, although the are easy to uproot.


If that's what roast beef smells like i'm glad to be vegetarian


Think it depends who's cooking it Nut 


What do you do to it to make it smell that unappetising?

Thank you very much Mr Raspberry, most grateful for your input.  I shall now go look at the Stinking iris on line and compare.


I've got lots of these in my garden that have appeared fromI no where and are increasing year on year.  Mine have a pale blue flower.  I think they like a shady position. Yes, they do smell disgusting (another vegetarian here) and the leaves are very very tough.

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