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rediculous.. only way i ahve found to load is look at blank pic then wen i load it appears..anyway husband bought these at car boot..any one know what they are & how to propigate etc


It looks like Centaurea montana.Perennial Cornflower or Knapweed are the common names jean. You can divide it up after it's flowered and replant. 


ah so does it over winter in the south east...just had a look & yes u r right...thanks for that.. hot enough for you..

Knapweed does suffer from mildew- make sure you water it a lot when it's still young. The bees seem fond of mine! Absolutely hot enough for me- you?



If mine gets mildew ( which it does most years) I just cut it back to ground level.

Scabious too gets mildew in summer sometimes.  As figrat says I cut it back and it will,soon regrow,and reflower.  A sort of,Chelsea,chop


Mildew caused by hot dry weather isn't a problem we're familiar with in Scotland....

May be a problem for some this year though- I'm getting a touch of it myself I think.. 

Seriously - it's common up here because it's hardy and reliable and we do get lots of rain normally so it always looks good.


Catnip... far too hot for me..i only come out at night lol...

in south east I am lucky as got no mildew.. am collecting seed now to sow in early spring...

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