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Hi everyone, can any of you more knowledgeable gardeners out there, tell me what flower this is. It came in a pack of wild seeds, and not being green fingered in any way, I just sprinkled the seeds anywhere, for the bees more than anything. but I don`t have aclue what these are. The seed pod is from the plant too. Any help appreciated, cheers, cresser




Brassica family. Probably oil seed rape.

Most def Figetbones. Horrible, horrible plant, stinks like heck, I know I lived in a house in the country literally surrounded by the bloomin stuff-stinks Pull it out and bin it.


I always know when hayfever is going to go through the roof when the fields are bright yellow with the stuff. I hate the smell of it.

Thankyou very much for both of your replies. I respect your greater knowledge than mine of plants, and experience ( I have none!)



We all started out with no experience. By looking, listening, and asking questions, we  gain knowledge.

Thanks again to everyone who has responded - I do appreciate it. The only thing about this plant is that, well, I cannot smell anything?? I `ve put my nose to it, and I`ve touched it, but I can`t smell out. On looking for other pictures of Oilseed Rape, a description said it grows to about 1` 8", but this one is about 4-5 foot. I`m puzzled a bit. cresser.


I don't know if it's OSR or some other similar brassica but the OSR in the field next to us is 3 or 4 feet high in its leaning over state so when upright would be taller than that

Thankyou both, I think I`ll stick with oilseed rape for now, cheers, cresser.

Collect the little black seeds, plant them and eat the crop. It will taste a bit like cabbage or any of the oriental mustard varieties.

Does anyone agree, or even disagree?


I'm sure that's right Peter. Nothing wrong with it at all. But I still hate the stuff

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