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I bought some veg seeds a few months ago and it came free with rainbow roses seeds. Now when i have googled to find out what it is, i don't real get anything apart from people dying roses different colours. 

I am just wanting to know what is rainbow roses? Do they grow different colours or are they just while roses?

And when can i plant these seeds?



Where did you buy the veg seeds from - was it via Ebay?


I think it was purple tomatoes. They came from China. 

Could it just be a different varitey of roses? Like red,white ect



Oh, they're probably rose seeds - but likely to be something quite ordinary or even a wild-type.  If you want to grow them to see what they turn into then go ahead, but it'll take you several years to get a flowering shrub.

I'm afraid that there's all sorts of people selling all sorts of things on Ebay - it's the modern equivalent of the pedlar with his backpack of medieval days, selling all sorts of pills and potions with the promise that they'll cure all manner of things - but really it's just a pot of lard.  

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