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hi there plant ident and can i find seeds/ bulbs to plant now for spring? 


It is Aubretia. You should be able to find plants in the Alpine section of most good gardening centres. Easier than trying to grow from seed and you'll get the benefit of flowers next Spring.

hi thank you, so can I find  it now to plant. so will come up in spring?


Like I said, any good garden centre will have it available and you can plant it now. It will come up in Spring and it should flower too



but what about Claude Aubriet? Is he now renamed as Claude Aubret or Aubreti or what?


Nut, you're funny

My aubretia (whatever!) is just coming back to life after looking like a dead thing for the summer so I would think that now is a lovely time to plant it.

I have mine growing in the space between the house and the patio (very dry and gravelly).

this picture is from Spring but as I said, the stringy dead looking stuff that I saw a month ago is now greening up and getting ready to do what it shows in the picture after winter.  


just the right place for ir Cloggie. Nice wisteria


Thanks Nut.  Both the wisteria and the aubretia (sp?) are works under construction.  Alongside the aubretia is an ice plant (? not shown) given to me by a friend at work and another alpine that I bought in (can't remember what it was but it flowers later than the aubretia).

Self-seeded alongside these bought-in plants (and loving where they live) are native violas (by the urn)  and a lungwort (not shown) that was there when I moved in so I have a nice established patio now after only 2 yrs.

(You can ignore the higgledy piggledy paving slabs - let's call them characterful - they are definitely a work in progress!! )


that is so pretty. i want to grow those now, all i have in cracks are weeds 


Here is my aubretia in April last year. I planted some little plants in a bed on the edge of the terrace a few years ago and it's seeded itself around the flower pots and in cracks in the terrace. I didn't plant any of the plants now on the terrace! I love plants that give you a bonus like that.

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