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This bush is over 5 ft high and nearly as wide. It attracts bees by the hundreds (a good thing). I have a friend who wants bees in his garden but don't know the name of this. Can anyone help please?


It's a ceanothus, but can't tell you which one.


Ceanothus , its a lovely colour. I have 2 of these, so beautiful


Also known as creeping blue blossom 'Ceanothus Repens'


Repens is the spreading low growing one, this is over 5 foot so is probably a taller variety.



ah yes so it is :P

hollie hock

Lovely plant, I had one here once but too exposed so it died. It's obviously happy where it is

We had one of these, pruned it back and it died (though it's left a lovely sculptural trunk), but thankfully we had taken cuttings and have started another in a different spot where it is enjoying its second or third year. Whilst doing some research I read that it doesn't take kindly to pruning, and as such tends to be rather short lived. Those that go on for longer tend to be the huge bushes that cover walls and fences.  


...a gorgeous powder blue... if I had to guess I'd say it's the variety 'Skylark' which is in flower right now... and grows as big as that...

I've got Blue Kiwi flowers in my garden and bees are never away from them even the wife has commented on them on the flowers.

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