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Strap leaves catkin type brown hanging tufty bits


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Will try a twitter link. It's a grass like plant

Hole in one now that's a talent!!! It's gone crazy in my clay! Do I divide?


It will seed everywhere Red, watch it

Shall I take catkin things off then?? My dad gave it to me and it has never flowered before but boom this year it's gone mad. I don't like plants that makes my life hard like spreaders or jacobs ladder that has seeded and gone everywhere, will it be a pest??


It depends on your garden RD.  It resists being removed when it been there for a while and is bigger than a lot of garden plants

My border is about 2 ft wide down the side of my drive. I have pretty self contained flowers and infill with dahlias and thTs that. The Jacobs ladder got gifted as it blinking went everywhere! 


This will go everywhere and nobody will want it.

It's a big plant, 2 foot across at least for the leaves and then the flowers another foot all round and up at least 4foot

It's currently about 1.5ft and flowers havent passed the leaves as yet, looks like I'm outting it then! I attached a picture from my twitter, I wonder if you can confirm that it is what I said. Thanks



Certainly Carex and looks like pendula

That triangular appearance to the stems and a bit of a ridge up the back is always carex.


It's condemned then id it's going to get carried away! do I offer it out or bin it??


I'm OK for Carex pendula thank you RD