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i want to buy another plant  but don't know what it is. it grows about .30" tall, has a clump of silvery green leaves at the base, woody stems and i have seen it with either white or magenta flowers, ( with 5 petals, i think). i had a white one, but it was destroyed when workmen put scaffolding base over it, and i haven't got a clue what it is called. any help would be appreciated.





That's good Edd. Not many things are truly magenta are they. 


 thanks so much for the quick replies. Edd and nutcutlet  have solved my problem. Lychnis coronaria is what my plant was. sorry about saying it had woody stems, i was trying to remember what it was like, and maybe got it wrong. i also didn't realize it came in so many shades, so i will be looking to buy a few different ones.


That's solved starlily.

 I can't seem to keep the magenta ones going though the whites seed around and look after themselves


Isn't it strange Nut, I'm glad you mentioned it, but my magenta ones do well in my garden and seed everywhere!! But I do not have any luck with the white ones, which is a shame as I would love to grow them together in a pretty pot  and use it as a special marker in the garden.


Swap some seed later in the summer jatnik?

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