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Hello Dovefrom above,

I took tis picture ages ago at a Water Garden centre, I donot know if leaves smell of garlic.

I was once told it was this plant, upon buying the bulbs and planting them they did look like this plant at all!

If you look closer the flowers appear to look like creamy coloured castle turrets, the nectarscordum does not look like this plant at all. I will try to enhance my origiinal photo and repost.






Hello nutcutlet,

I know what you mean but the bulbs I bought and grew did not look like this plant at all......( They were a different colour for a start more pinky not cream coloured like this plant, I was very disappointed in my purchase and they were quite difficult to find too!


Hi Dovefromabove,


I have just looked at your link and the bulbs I bought and grew looked just like on your link and did not resemble my photo.



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