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Hi, this plant has grown in my garden, in the same place, for the last couple of years. I didn't plant it and have tried planting some it's seeds but none of them have grown, have never seen anything like it before so was wondering if any of you know what it is?


It's about 3/4 meter in height.


It could be a Sun Spurge, Euphorbia helioscopia


How big is the plant? It's certainly a euphorbia but I can't judge the size


3/4 metre, 30 inches.


observant, that's me




Not to worry Nut 

I suppose, being sideways, it could be 1ft high.

Chrissy the gardener

It looks like a Euphobia Latherus, it is sayed to keep moles at bay. Don't know if it works.

Heather Michaels

Ooh if it keeps moles at bay I'm interested, I think!. Am not having good thoughts about moles right now. Little bleeders. Aren't Euphorbia's all toxic on the skin though? I know its terribly wimpy and cowardly but I don't grow anything Euphorbia for that reason, I just find it easier to not have it around that way I can't forget and get caught out. Anything else said to keep moles at bay (apart from spearing or clubbing them that is!)?


It doesn't keep moles away I can promise you. I have both

I thought it looked like E. lathyris but george says it's been in the same place for a couple of years so I assumed perennial.

But last year plus this year is two years and I think Chrissie is right

Heather Michaels

Grrr OK nut thanks, I thought it sounded too good to be true!

Thank you for the answers! After a quick google the Euphobia Latherus looks the best bet to me. It's probably close to a meter tall, maybe just guessing of heights is poor, very poor XD

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