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I appreciate this is a simple post but we are really struggling to identify this plant which has suddenly popped up in a rather neglected pot near the back door!  

It has been suggested that it could be clarkia concinna pink ribbons but this looks a little too purple and also what would that be doing in the East Midlands instead of California 


 Does anyone have any ideas?  Leaves look a bit honey suckle (ish) but buds look a little fuschia (ish)!  



Kara, every post has merit as there will be someone who is asking the same question so never be shy to ask.
It is definitely not Clarkia and it does look much like Lonicera (honeysuckle), I have one that crept in from three gardens away. Has any garden around you got one as they will send out a long shoot then root from a node.
They are coming into bloom around now depending on which variety it is. Go out as the evening cools down and sniff the flower, you will then know.
If other posters know they will tell us on here which what it is all about.


No one around and this popped up in a tub! I will do the sniff test and report back! 

Kara It would be good to know where the soil in the pot came from, was it holding a bought plant, birds drop seeds, I have a lot of them coming to the feeders they then sit on a wall, you should see what comes up under that wall.
Lonicera have a couple of hundred species from tender (greenhouse) to very rampant which will take over if left, it would be interesting to know how it progresses.


Gardening Grandma

If this is a lonicera, I want it! What a gorgeous colour!


Lion S

I would think this belongs to the family of the Onagraceae. At first I thought it might be Chamerion but having seen your photo again I'm not sure. I would defenitely love to have some seeds  of this plant. Can you tell I'm green with envy?

No, I am not with you on either of those - though more Chamerion than Onagraceceae Why will no one believe this might be a rogue clarkia concinna in the UK? Look at the petal leaf shapes. 

I am doubting it because how has it arrived in the uk!  Its a Californian (lucky thing) - how is it in  a pot without any seed planting in the middle of the Uk! 


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