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Hi All, new to the forum and new to gardening. Planted out some sunflower seeds at the beginning of the summer, and have had these spring up, me thinking they were sunlowers at first, now I'm not so sure?
I planted some orange multi stemmed ones and some pale yellow ones?
Any ideas? 



Not sunflowers definitely- sorry-it is a weed-that someone will identify

On closer inspection, my worst thoughts were confirmed. It is knotweed. As they are young plants, and the soil was good quality topsoil, could it have been a rhizome in the topsoil? If so would I have any recourse?

Any tips on how to treat knotweed? There are no big roots underneath these plants. 



I doubt that that is knotweed-it just looks like an annual weed-how many are there?


I'm not convinced that's knotweed either, any chance of a few more pics? Perhaps some of where it's growing?

Thanks for the responses, and thanks for that ^ link chilli lover, I was panicking slightly earlier, but what you have identified it as is correct, there is the dark blotch in the centre of the leaves as seen here.



chilli lover

Glad I got it right sensa! I get this now and then, especially in the aspaagus bed, but it's easy to pull out by the roots.

 Now you know want you are looking for you can get it early! Happy gardening!

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