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I have 3 plants in my garden that are driving me mad, the reason being is I don't know what they are. They are very woody and have a spread of about 90cm, the leaves are thin and about 6cm covering most of the stalks and they have a dark pink/purple spikes made up of small flowers. I know it is not a Buddlia, but it driving me mad not knowing what it is, my other half had thrown out the labels when we planted them. Please can any one help.


Much easier to help if you could mange a picture, leaves and fowers in close up if possible please.

Will do, thanks for your quick response .


 These are the plants i am trying to identify HELP!!!!!


Erysimum 'Bowles Mauve' Lovelky thing, easy to make more from cuttings



They beat me to it.

 These look good with the orange and lemon wallflower type plants . I say wallflower type as I have them in my garden but I dint think they are wall flowers . maybe the same plant (erisimum )  in differant colours . I will check it up as Ive never known what they are - but they do come each year and are beautifuly eye catching.


They are perennial wall flowers, only live a few years so best to take cuttings, Erysimum, Bowles Mauve, as Nutcutlet says. The other wallflowers used for bedding are biennuals, cheiranthus cheiri, but it's all the same family, brassicas.

They are Greek wall flowers I believe , very easy to take cuttings , I have the mauve and yellow and now a verigated.

A big thanks to everyone fotheir help much appreciated.

Will prop taking cuttings as I love this plant, they have flowered non stop for 18 months even through the winter and snow, an added bit of colour in those horrible grey months when everything else in the garden is sleeping.

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