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Hi can anyone help me! I discovered this plant when i removed some scabby looking heather.  I is growing well but I have no clue what it is!  Hoping it will flower! Sny ideas? Thanks



WE need a picture please, or at least a good description.

Ha ha!  Photo is refusing to attach! Will try again!


Looks like a foxglove - if so it might be a bit late for it to flower this year but having said that it is an odd year for them and I have a few just starting to flower right now.


Thanks Bob I have a lovely foxglove next to it in full bloom, about 8 stems. The leaves are slightly different and with it not flowering I thought it was a different plant! Very pleased now as foxgloves as so lovely!  Thanks again! 

Could be a verbascum? Anyone?

I think verbascum too

I think verbascum (mullein) as well.

Thanks for the responses folks. I will have to wait and see what happens!  

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