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tony williams2

Hi, this plant is growing in a nearby garden, can anyone identify it for me, it is around 3ft 6ins tall and 3ft wide. First flowers with small white flowers that turn into these red berries, very nice we just want to know what they are. Thanks, Tony.




Yep, also known as Pheasant Berry

Careful very invasive and grows long runners nightmare!




I believe its also known as 'Gypsies earrings' and regarded as a weed in Oz.


some people regard it as a weed here as well FM but I like it

Care is needed ........look what happened to Japanese Knotweed??????.


It's just a shrub that seeds about a bit slaphead.  No danger to the public


I've had one for quite a few years and it hasn't spread at all.  The bees love the flowers.  I just keep it pruned back as it can grow quite large. But it's a beautiful plant and hasn't given me any troubles at all.

tony williams2

Thank you all i,l tell the owner. I shall keep an eye on it for her !

I just bought one plant 3 months ago.

It is a Himalayan Honeysuckle, grows very rapidly.

It is quite invasive, so keep an eye on it...


I have had one for 20 years. It gets big but not invasive. Easily cut down like a buddleja to keep in check if need be.

Have got a Himalayan Honeysuckle in my garden.  As I have only moved here 6 months ago I didn't know what was going to happen this summer re plants.  This one was pruned in March and is absolutely beautiful at present. It is very vigourous but easily controlled.   I can't wait to see the berries and it seems, nor can the blackbirds.

tony williams2

Hi there, thanks for all the reply's you lot never let me down ! Tony.



I have the yellowy version which is, I believe, less vigorous. It took a couple of years to settle in but is now vey happy and berry-ful.

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