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I have a strange pale yellow flower with stem size of a cane , the stem is 3 ft tall has flower then more stem coming out of centre of flower , then another flower, then stem then flower, how can I add a pic please so people can tell me what it is tytyty x


Can we have a pic of the leaves please?


Hmm, that's what I thought you might say - I've a feeling these pale growths are the leaves of something, with little or no chlorophyll to  make them green - there does appear to be a little green in the centre of the leaves.  

What have you growing nearby?

And has anyone used any weedkiller nearby in the past few years?


No weed killer coming from ground by breeze blocks and bird table x


Very odd   

In the middle picture, when I zoom in I can see something green growing nearby - what is it?


Yes, it looks like a sucker which is devoid of chlorophyll, perhaps a mutation.  I think it must be a sucker from another plant as it wouldn't survive without chlorophyll otherwise.

To me it doesn't look like a flower but a bracht (probably misspelt). On first look I thought it was a Trillion-not so sure now though

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