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Hi all,


I need some help identifying what this seedling is.  My daughter planted it at Brownies as part of her badge but she doesn't know what it is and I have not seen anything like it.  The seed was fairly large, brown with a pointy end.  I guess we put it in upside down as the shoots went down then turned upwards.  It has three shoots coming out of the same seed which I haven't seen before.  I have checked and there is definately only one seed in there!




I think it looks like a runner bean seed

The seed was the wrong shape for that.  Also three large stems from one seed?

Not sure then is that the seed on the worktop behind the plant


How large is fairly large? and how long from planting seed to what you've got now?

Was it a hard nutty looking seed? Was it a windowsill germination?


The seed on the bench looks like some sort of Bean but you might need to wait till the leaves unfold a bit more before you can work out what it is. When it has developed a bit more try again or just ask the Brownie pack leader what it is

It was windowsill germination.  Around 1/2 inch x 2/3 inch, brown, tear shaped but round not flat.  It took around 3 weeks to germinate and is now approx 10 days old and is 7 inches tall.




I'd assumed that the seed in question was still in the pot. The items on the bench look like hazel nuts to me.

Some sort of bean is a likely seed to have given a child to germinate. 

no sorry forget the items on the work top I was getting my christmas stuffing ready, they are my chestnuts!


I'm going to need to see the leaves open before I can make any sort of assessment and even then........


Maybe this is too obvious a question but did you or your daughter ask Brownies what the seed was?

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