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The potty gardener

Can anyone tell me what this tree is. It still has almost all of its leaves. Last spring I pulled off all the previous years leaves so now wonder if it isn't decidu


ous as I had assumed

Is it some sort of Euonymus? Close-up view of a leaf  and some bark might help. Is this a recent photo?

That's very helpful, Bev; I'll have a think in a while and I'm sure others will, too.


The potty gardener

Thank you Joe. My fingers got absolutely freezing going out to take the pics!


Gardening Grandma

I suppose this has no flowers or fruit? I wondered, too, whether it was a shrub or actually a young tree that has seeded itself in your garden.

The potty gardener

It doesn't have flowers or fruit. I got it from someone on freegle.

Why did you pull all its leaves off?

I haven't got any idea....I look after shrubs and trees, I had to get a book on trees and shrubs and was able to identify them that way.

Still puzzling. If you have an i-phone, you can get plant ID apps such as Leafsnap.

Gardening Grandma

Those leaves are rather beautiful. I had a good look for some information but couldn't find anything. I suppose it couldn't have catkins or berries or even flowers that appear in winter so that you're not noticing them?

chilli lover

Can you get back to the person on Freegle to ask if they know?

The potty gardener

Thank you everyone. I can't ask te person I got it from as it's been a few years since I got it and ave no idea who from now.

I look closely but all there are are the leaves.

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