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Stacey Docherty

Any idea what this is.... It is creeping around x2 of my pots atbd I quite like it. The flowers are lilac and purple almost viola like with waxy leaves.... Any ideas??



might be ivy leaved toadflax. seen on old walls and similar places


Take some to your local garden centre or B & Q and compare it


It's one of those bl**dy geranium family, isn't it?  They seed everywhere in my garden.



I agree with nutcutlet.


Cymbalaria muralis.  Ivy leaved toadflax. It loves old lime mortar, and will grow in cracks in pavings.


I know the geranium you mean Welshonion. Geranium lucidum.

Stacey Docherty

It's just growing in plant pots!!! This is under my repotted wiglea( wrong spelling!! But realise I don't know how to spell it) it looks really nice lol


t's a lovely plant Stacey. fills in little gaps nicely

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