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Hi does anyone know what this? It's bushy, seems to grow from individual stems and is about 4ft now!
Ok I'm on my phone and it won't give me the option to add a picture....

Can you post from a computer?

Yes, I will get my computer going now


Darn the other half didn't charge it after use! I'll charge it for ten and then post a picci!

Mich -  when you get your computer woken up you need to click on the green tree icon on the toolbar above where you type your post and follow the instructions.  If it doesn't work give us a shout 



 here it is! been confused for weeks now, dig up don't dig up....

Darn the other half didn't charge it after use! I'll charge it for ten and then post a picci!

Looks like mint to me, but not being an expert will be interested to see if anyone else agrees.  

It's not mint no, got lots of that at the other end of the garden - very nice

I don't think that's a weed Mich. I'm thinking about it

Thank you
My mum can't work it out either and she's really good with plants

I seem to recognise it but can't pin it down.  Campanula of some type, perhaps?


  1. Hi Mich85. I wonder if it could be 'pentas'. A lovely butterfly attracting plant. Very pretty when in flower, I have grown it before. It seemed to be a short lived perennial for my conditions. 

just looking these up on google now on my lunch break

Doesnt look like a phlox or i can not find a campula representing it.


Pentas however......its looking a bit like one of these! this picci looks very similar however my leaves have a serated edge, hopefully it will flower soon


Fingers crossed then. Let us know if and when it does flower. 


Is Pentas hardy? Mich's pic looks like something well established in the garden.

I doesn't look like the right leaves to me though