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Can anyone tell me what this plant is? It comes up every spring on a small patch of ground in my front garden. I have never seen it anywhere else and it doesn't seem to grow on anyone else's garden in the street.

Thank you


Mrs J Randall



Have another go at sending the pic JR.



Second time lucky with the photo!

A cerinthe?

gardenning granny

How tall?  If it is 25 - 30cm I'd go with cerinthe too.  They were very popular at Chelsea a few years ago because of their dark flowers and they do self seed which would account for it coming back each year.  Not a long-lived plant though.


Silver surfer

Please can you add further pics to this thread.

Wouldn't like to guess what it is from your pic.

Yes it's a cerinthe! Thank you,( I checked other pictures online ) I think it's so pretty and yes it doesn't last long, I look forward to it coming up every year, thanks again 


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