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Sara 4

 Thank you ...


Looks a bit like Laurel going by the flowers but not sure about the leaf edges being serrated.

Sara 4

I don't think it's prickly enough to be a  mahonia Malcolm (the leaves look sort of hollyish, but the serrated edges aren't spiky).  Paula I've never seen a laurel with flowers like that (mind you the laurels I've had have never done anything at all except sit there).  The racemes are really quite long and aren't properly out yet.



Looks like Itea ilicifolia to me  one of my favourite s shrubs 

Pam LL x

Sara 4

Thank you both - twin geniuses!  (Genii?)  I am so glad it isn't some form of laurel as I have spent so long ripping one out!  Thanks again - Sara

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