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I've ordered heleniums, couple more agastaches and veronicastrum for next year. No experience of heleniums or veronicastrum though so open to advice. What plants are members thinking of trying themselves, or maybe plant combinations, for next spring or summer?

Hello  I'm planning a new bed in our front garden so am looking for lots of interesting plant combinations.  I've seen a lovely acid yellow kniphofia and I think it would look amazing against Nepeta Six Hills Giant or similar - but I've yet to identify the kniphofia. 


I have just bought some aconitums. I have never grown these before, but saw some last week at a local NT garden and just had to have some

Morning dove. Good combination i think. There are some newer shorter kniphofias I've been tempted by too. One called dorset semtry is on my list......seems fo match your criteria coimcidentally
Hello Lowenna. Aconitums have been fantastic this year for me but they love some moisture. I have Aconitum Stainless Steel still in flower and a darker blue called Sparks Variety. Want some more wasn't a nursery just outside of Penzance was it?



I love heleniums, here is a site devoted to them I met veronicastrum for the first time 2 years ago and bought some to plant in the back of my herbaceous border. I hardly noticed it last year and forgot it was there, but this year there were these beautiful delicate spires, a lovely surprise. I'm a bit of a plantaholic, lucky I have a big garden, and when I visit gardens when on holiday I buy  a few plants to remind me of that holiday. They don't always survive, like the dark red pittospormum from the Eden Project, but often they do. I have a lovely red alstromeria from Cornwall which looked too exotic to survive, but it's still there. I bought several veronicas when in South East England last year, the blue is amazing. I love Aconites, but am a bit wary as they are so poisonous.

Hiya busy-lizzie, so veronicastrum may need a year or so to settle down then? Thanks for that, I can allow for that possibility when I design my patch. Alstroemerias are lovely but they spread a bit too much for me and tend to become dormant in mid summer. I now have them at the back a little more to allow late summer plants to hide them. Plantaholic? Me too

I love blue and yellow combinations. I have Rose Daid Austin in a small bed with geranium 'Johnsons Blue', centaura, chinodoxa(I hope), bluey/mauve aquilegia and of course forget-me-nots.

I visited agarden near here called Hampton Court House (not Pl=alace) and their long borders are all blue and yellow - amazing

I have looked at veronicastrum for my new border, so will look forward to other comments.

in fact I am hoping to use stipa tenissima with Drumstick alliums for early interest.

Heleniums I have just putin and let them get on with it

Dolores, I have rudbekias Goldsturn with aster frikartii monch at moment....long flowering combination. Salvia patens guanajuato next to echinacea Tiki Torch too was a good association. Tennuissima is lovely but try hordeum jubatum. It's short lived grass, similar height and habit to Tennuissima but has shades of purple, pink and others in its billowing heads. I sow seeds of it soon for full flowers in the summer

I also thought I would give Stokesia a go. Saw some in a garden centre and was very taken with them. It's a case of fitting everything in and leaving growing space.

i have arough paper plan for new area but keep seeing other plants I like. Currently in garage is a large octopus of eremurus root. The bed is still not ready and am after ideas of how to keep it until I can plant it. Have had some suggestions.


I do the paper plan too, constantly changing and re-arranging my ideas. I keep my,options open too, when planting a new bed, by leaving gaps that I use for wallflowers, etc. that I later use for my "real" plants next spring. Eremurus roots need to be frost free I think....I probably would fleece it whilst it's waiting to be planted
New plants recently include Sisyrinchium macounii album .....this is a non-seeding utterly beautiful plant I had...and lost...many years ago..and Euryops Acraeus, small silvery, tender shrublet, that I again had and previously lost.

For kniphofia check out the terranova nurseries website they have a lot of different ones, i have one of their pinapple variants which is very bright yellow. You might be able to source them locally even though they are from US. Our local garden centre has lots of their plants in.


Dorset Sentry looks very similar to the kniphofia I've seen which is in a  planting scheme in Norwich - it's been there for some years  and I look forward to seeing it every autumn.  I'm emailing City Council to see whether they  have a record of it - if not I may well go for Dorset Sentry. 

I have asked Santa to bring me some new pants for next year-does that count?



i have discovered that I ordered the new digitalis, It will come next year so I will put it in ceramic pot on patio, give on away and maybe put third in garden. Will have to see what turns up!


Jean Genie

I'm going to treat myself to a summer chocolate tree next Spring. Can't remember the name but think it's something like Abeliza


So far I have been browsing through the veggie seed catalogues - there are so many I would like to try

Pam LL x

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