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Like many of you I expect, I am frantically studying the seed catalogues, wondering which new plants I might grow this year.

What new plants are you considering?


I've got some on order from the HPS, I've forgotten what they are

I've resisted looking at too many catalogues, I know what happens later on. I have a good collection of germinated and waiting to germinate seeds out there already and more to sow around March. Come April a 20' x 8' GH and the area surrounding it starts to shrink and the babies are homeless


My list changes every day, but the ones that stay on there seem to be scabious (pink ones will be new to me) snapdragons (i grew them for the first time last year and will do so again - looking for a white/pink apple blossom type, and will repeat night and day again), amaranthus and verbascum Chicksii (wrong spelling, but its the one I remember, for obvious reasons)

what's tempting you pdoc??


Flower sprouts.   Saw them on Countryfile a couple of weeks ago, found them in teh supermarket the next day and liked them.  Tasty, quick to prepare and cook and full of vitamins.

Can't stand sprouts and our kale is a bit tough by this time of the year so I'm hoping these will bridge the gap.

While I was on I ordered other stuff to spread the P&P so I'll be trying new chillies and toms and squashes and Chinese greens and some flowers too but can't remember what I ordered now.

Beaus Mum

hi chicky, when you say white/pink apple blossom type, do you mean in general or just snap dragons?

i have had delivery of my first packet of seeds which are aquilegia double pleat blackberry 



I've got a runner bean Firelight all the rest is the same only a different colour wallflower, a yellow witch I had to get from Amazon the catalogues didn't have that colour
Chrissy the gardener

I grew Chard for the first time last year but didn't like the taste of it,I will still grow it this year but I will plant in amongst my flower borders. Chard bight lights make a stunning display of colour mine are still growing in my veg bed from last year.


I like Chard as an ornamental too, the dark form of Cavolo Nero also looks lovely in the flower borders.


I once saw ruby chard and cavolo nero grown with dahlia Bishop of Landaff in an ornamental border at Kalmthout arboretum.   Looked stunning.


Ive sown seed of Eucomis Octopus. Last year I tried three packets of banana seed, not one grew. a friend of a friend is panicking over her daughters desire to have all home grown flowers for her wedding in July. It will have a blue theme. I will be growing a lot of blue sweet peas for her, also hope Ammi will be in flower by then.


I like the brukale or flower sprouts. Home grown are more tender than the bought ones, I find. They do better for me than brussel sprouts, I think my garden gets too much shade from October to March.


Chicky are you growing Amaranthus for eating or flowers? I can let you have some Amaranthus hypochondriacus seeds if you like. My flower shop working sister in law had never seen anything like them, I used them in some of the large wedding arrangements.I'm sure she thinks I made the name up. The seed originally came from the RHS scheme.


I was thinking of trying bananas this year, fidget, why do you think they did not grow?

Am also thinking of trying some different Salvias, although as usual, I only add to my list, I never seem to remove any that I have grown in previous years. I need more window sills.

I grow chard as a salad leaf
Singing Gardener

I felt the same way about my chard bright lights Chrissy! Not sure if I'll grow it again this year although I have some seeds left.

My experiment this year is globe artichoke but I need to think of a permanent place to put it!



Going to try Pennisetum - bedding salvia fire blaze - Ricinus - nicotinia sylvestris - fennel - suncherry premium tomatoes. 

Two of my dwarf strelitzia seeds germinated a few weeks back, so that another task for this year.

Eucomis octopus looks tempting, I come across one the other day burgundy something  looked nice aswell 


I bought bulbs of both Eucomis octopus and the bigger Sparkling burgundy. The octopus have flowered and set seed, the burgundy grew leaves but not flowers.

Bananas, dunno. I had the seeds one to a small pot, and in a propagator. Not a sign of growth. They were T&m seeds. You'd have thought I would have learnt by now.


Dark Mullein, sneezewort, stichwort, sweet violets. Probably the usual annuals like cosmos, nasturtiums, antirrhinum etc  Might try some different tomatoes.

Cosmos I always grow and amaryllis and snapdragons I shall try.  Are thyme seeds easy to germinate? I usually buy herb plants if i want them but thought I might try seeds this year.  tomato seeds i usually try different types.  am just about to plant sweetpeas inside.  Broad beans are up in the garden.  I always get too many seeds going then can't cope when they get going and need potting on.


I'm trying Salvia 'Hot Lips', and I have a 'Biedermier' aquilegia seed mix... Though I'm not sure how they'll fare on my terrace which is shaded for most of the day  several herbs also - I'd like to try lavender from seed.