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Hi All,

My first ever cottage garden is looking fab at the moment. However, sme of the bedding is starting to go over and perennials moving towards jaded. So what do I plant now to give some autumn colour? I have light well drained raised beds and a blue/purple/white theme going on with digitalis, eryngium, hydrangea, and clematis.  My gladiolii is yet to flower. Full sun for some part shade for others. Any Ideas?


For part shade some of the late aconitums, 

For sun Verbena bonariensis. purple dahlias, 

Asters for either.


Too late to plant now unless you can get ready potted in flower but for next time Autumn flowering crocus cancellatus which are purple white. Nerines which come in white, purple, red and pink and Colchicums again white and purply pinky colours.

Perennials (apart from the ones nutcutlet mentioned) Penstemons...just make sure you keep deadheading and they will keep flowering....all sorts of colours.

Salvia guaranica will keep flowering well into autumn and Gaura lindheimeri will too.



Plant aster frikartii monch....get a couple in at least.  

Chrysanthemums will be available soon......instant colour too.  Leucanthemum broadway lights is lovely perennial that will flower for ages yet.  ( pale yellow before unfurling to cream then white). Echinaceas like white swan and Verbena homestead purple ......beautiful, rich purple on low growing plants.

Caryopteris and ceratostigma are small blue flowered shrubs .....maybe fit in front of your cottage garden.  Great bee magnets.  


Hardy geraniums are great as you can chop them back as soon as they finish flowering - July usually - and you 'll get a second flush of flowers later on. Also, if you don't already have it, scabious is great for attracting bees etc, and flowers forever. If you do the same with it as the geraniums it provides another lot of flowers too. Comes in nice purpley/lilac colour and white as well. Sedums  -(ice plant) are great for late summer into autumn - sunnier site for them if possible. Butterflies love them and although the flowers tend to be redder rather than purple or blue, they work very well in that colour scheme. There are some with darker purpley foliage and there's a white variety too. Very easy to grow and propagate. 



sedums, yes, forgot those. Essential

Thank you all. On my way to the Nurseries!!



Let us know what you get and post pics pls 

Thejazz wrote (see)

Thank you all. On my way to the Nurseries!!


Hope you've got a healthy bank balance jazz- you won't have by the time you get home!

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