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What plant is growing in my garden?

 What plant is growing in my garden?


Looks like a weed to me.

Peat B
Bloody stuff grows everywhere. It's a nuisance, invasive and needs to be chucked rather than composted. I don't know the name of it, but if it is what I think it is, it is similar to a sort of ground elder. Uproot it carefully after loosening the soil around it, and cast it into the bin to be dealt with by the council !

I agree it looks like one of the weeds I constantly pull out of soil and plantpots although I can't tell its size compared to a pound coin for example?



Looks like one of the willowherbs to me

Orchid Lady

There was a thread about this last week but I can't find it, it is a weed and I have it too.  On the plus side it comes up really easily and doesn't have deep roots so just keep pulling it up and hoe regularly.  I think it is an annual weed but self seeds.  At least it's not horsetail, that is a nightmare 

thanks -- i took it out.



Nutcutlet is right,it looks like one of the willowherbs,probably rose bay willowherb. I saw a documentary about London in the blitz where this plant would colonise bomb sites,it loves burnt ground and I think many of those poor people were possibly glad of it considering their situation.


It's not rosebay wh. that has a reddish colour in leaf.

Rosebay wh is food for the elephant hawkmoth. I don't know what the various others are good for


I get these but just pull em out when I see them, I don't worry to much bout weeds they don't grow in the wrong place to annoy us ( although I expect people will beg to differ lol)


Broad-leaved willowherb?

Not rose-bay, that has different leaves. Could be Broad-leaved Willowherb, Epilobium montanum, but difficult to tell before the flowers come. It's a perennial and spreads both by runners and by seed, so get it out now!

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