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I have about 15 of these plants springing up in my front garden - does anyone know what they are please?





They look like ornamental poppy seedlings

Thank you.  Do you know how big they grow?


They can vary, up to 2-3ft high and the same across depending on the space they have, sunlight and soil, but in poor conditions they don't grow anything like as big as that.  

Thank you I was going to pull them out - glad I didn't!



They're related to the opium poppy, and will probably have double frilly pinky plum coloured flowers with dark blotches at the base of the petals.  You can dry the seedheads for winter decoration. 

Do you know whether  they are annuals or perennials?


Pretty sure those ones are annuals - but not totally certain - I always pull them up in the autumn - they self-seed pretty reliably 


The type you have there are annuals.  They come easily from seed so either collect a seed head or leave them to self-seed, although they never self-seed where you actually want them and don't like being transplanted!

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