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 Taken in Benalmadena, Spain

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Looks like Dombeya wallichii.



Silver surfer


I am a regular poster on other forums but seem to be having trouble here getting links to work.

Normally good old copy and paste works... but not here.

Links are so very handy . saves folk searching themselves.

Any tips please would be appreciated.


I go to the Google page I want then I copy and paste the http bar (? called URL) on the top left side of my laptop, using "Ctrl" and "c" then "Ctrl" and "v". My laptop is French so perhaps it's not that in English.



If you're using Firefox mark the URL, click on your right-hand mouse button, copy, then paste.


copy and paste works for me (google chrome)

How do I download a picture for identification on this site? I've just joined.


I only know how to do mine, I'm still running XP. Forum poster Salino told me how.

I've posted to move you back up to top of forum so other clever folks can tell you.

Welcome Mist, great bunch on here.


I use a laptop, Windows 7. I don't know what you have Mistertiler. I put the photo in my photo files on the laptop. Then you click the little oak tree symbol on the bar above the post you are writing. Click on "select", it will go to the files on your computer and you choose your photo. Then you click "upload", you will have to wait a bit while it does it. Eventually your photo will appear and you click "save". Then your photo will go onto your post. It will look very big but when you click on "submit reply" it will turn out OK.

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