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I received this plant from someone, with no directions of how to care for it, what it is and what it wants! 

Please could someone identify it for me so I can make it a bit happier!



star gaze lily

Its a Dieffenbachia---dumb cane. Be careful of the sap it can cause irritation to the skin.

Busy Bee2

Actually, possibly not, cos if you google it, the name 'Devil's ivy' seems to refer to a great range of plants, but most of them have shorter leaves.  I know when I went to university (some time in the stone-age) everyone had one of your plants, and they called them devil's ivy, but maybe that's not the real name.


Thanks for your help! 

I think it's common name is Leopard Lilly.

There are lots of different types of Devil's Ivy and they are a fab air purifier

Care instructions are :

  • Place your Devil’s Ivy in a light position but not in direct sun.
  • The plant doesn’t like draughts, this damages the leaves.
  • Give the Devil’s Ivy a bit of water so that the soil is evenly damp.
  • Spray it now and again with the water spray, this is good for its moisture level and against dust.
  • Plant in regular potting soil.

Have to say I would love it more if it had a different name !

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