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 I got a sprig of this (picture inserted above)as part of a bouquet last October.  I've had it in water but the leaves never seem to die and it hasn't grown any roots--does anyone know what it is? Thanks


Looks a bit like eucalyptus Janet, but hard to tell from the pic as it's not too clear. It's often used in bouquets. Is the foliage bluey green?  

Leaves look a bit on the long side but it could be myrtle.  Queen Victoria had it in her wedding bouquet.  If you crush a leaf is it fragrant?


If it hasnt grown any roots and the leaves and flowers are still on it from last October, are you sure its not artificial


Not bluey green--just a clear leaf green. I did think at first it was artificial because none of the leaves seemed to drop off the stem, but then I saw it was frequently growing tiny buds in the centre of the underside of the leaves,








Thank you. I clicked on the link and found Israeli Ruscuson the same page.  Wondering if it's that rather than florist's Myrtle?


Possibly, although I was going by the little flowers as well - why not take it along to a florist and ask?

I googled Israeli Ruscuson and found a picture very much like mine. It said the plant is also called butcher's broom and the leaves are in fact flattened stems which is why it looks like the buds grow out the centre of the leaves.  A strange plant.  I wonder if it will eventually root if I keep it in water.

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