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What plant other than Ivy to cover up unsightly lower-middle class concrete bird bath with vulgar inscription on it?

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You've sure got a way with words!

How big is this bird bath that needs covering up?
Won't your elderly neighbour be upset?

Why ? Do you only have refained upper middle class birds?


I'm quite fond of my lower-middle class concrete bird bath 

Buttercupdays says:

Why ? Do you only have refained upper middle class birds?

See original post

 Well, it's only refained upper-class birds that can read the vulgar inscription :)
Now I'm intrigued

Liz Sproston

I'd suggest concentrating on your own garden before sorting non existant  problems in other peoples gardens and wild areas.

ETA Failing that, get a higher fence.

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Could we have a photo please? I found a concrete birdbath when I was clearing ivy down the end of the garden

I filled it with water

I can only imagine, from carefully reading your post, that the bird bath is in the garden of the house you rent from the elderly neighbour, who doesn't want you to plant ivy.  

Is that right?  If so, yes, try one of the clematis hybrids ( not one of the montanas ) which won't damage the bird bath, and can easily be ripped out by your neighbour, once you've moved out of the area.

If,  however, it is in your neighbour's garden, I suggest you look in the opposite direction, because there's nothing you can do about it, except fill it with water and let the birds enjoy it.  They can't read.

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Morrisons and other supermarkets do perfectly good, healthy hybrid clematis....plant deeply though, they need their roots well-shaded and cool.  Water very well.  Buy a nice colour that most people will like.....or two in contrasting colours....they're not expensive.  Maybe ask your elderly neighbour which she would prefer...that might keep everyone happy! 

Don't know what Dorothy Frances Gurney, who wrote the poem, would think of you calling it 'vulgar'.

Okay, it's not Shakespeare or Tennyson, but it's not THAT bad!


I have a working class bird bath and bloody proud of it!  

Don't think the birds will be in the slightest bit bothered, will they? 

must say I have seen a lot worse , maybe put potted plants round it rather than grow anything on the thing


As Muddle says, it's from a poem called God's Garden and I can't find a vulgar word in it.

Maybe your elderly neighbour is reminded of her late husband by the bird bath. It have have been a present from one to the other.

I think you should consider her views and feelings before doing anything - it's not yours to cover up anyway. 

Doghouse Riley

It could take for ever disguising that bird bath and there's nothing to say that someone else may remove anything you try to grow up it.

It's typical of what was available forty years ago. We've three similar pretty ugly concrete tubs, from that time, however we don't really notice them.

Two like this

and this one.

The rest of our patio pots are no older than ten years and are all either dark green or dark brown glazed ceramic.

We did buy a bird bath last year. Up until then the blackbirds, squirrels and hedgehog had to make do with either of these Pyrex oven dishes. I'd say that it was like us, definitely, "lower middle class."

It has yet to acquire a patina and looks a bit out of place at the moment. The blackbirds  must agree, they prefer the Pyrex dishes, unless they're "occupied." Or maybe they too think it's "lower middle class."

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I like that poem,in fact I have it on a little plaque in my garden.I guess there's no hope for me 

Looking at the photo on the link,it looks more like " Cod's heart" to me.

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Covering the earth with Pot -pourri ? Chosen by horses ?  Mmm 


Should be an occasion to remember - for one reason or another


Maybe you could paint it with exterior concrete paint to your  delight.


It's such a shame that people with such elevated sensibilities have to endure something  as down-market as a 'communal garden'  ... perhaps we should all have a whip round to purchase Wolf accommodation more appropriate for his station in life 


I think the sun may have got to some people.

Don't have a bird bath, but if I did, I would want a neo-brutalist style one, very clearly working class.