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I've just got a few bricks a year after planting, it is definitely time to find something!

I'm unsure if plants need to be evergreen and what sort of height.  Does one need to have plants that are not very thirsty/hungry so that the clematis are not competing?

The two clematis I have are in full sun.

Also, is it true that honeysuckle also likes it's roots in the shade?


I don't think it matters if clematis roots get the low winter sun. You'd need to think about colours and flowering time and similar moisture needs. 

May well be true about honeysuckle. they grow in hedges and  trees naturally so their feet will often be in the shade


The thing with clematis is you don't want to plant something that's going to compete too much with the clematis roots. So don't plant anything too close or deep rooted . Even though roses go lovely with clematis its important to have a reasonable planting distance. I have mini hebes infront of some of mine and that seems to work well. I also use annuals such as snap dragon or bedding dahlia, carnations but again keep them a reasonable planting distance in front.

Best thing to keep clematis roots cool is a roofing slate. The slate absorbs the heat of the sun, the new shoots grow round and over the slate.


I use roof tiles too - we have a stack of old ones at the back of the garage.  OH has commented that i won't be content until i have enough clematis plants to have got to the bottom of the stack.  Its a big stack ...... But he could be right!


chicky i'm going that way with clematis, space limited so use every vertical space poss!


I use a few grasses or lower growing plants but also keep a bit of distance if possible. I also make sure clematis have plenty of food and water - water's not a problem here normally! Don't like slates or cobbles etc as it's too nice a home for slugs and snails who love new clematis shoots 


My clematis are each in a big pot growing up trellis on the patio, so I put the bench in front of them to shade the base.  


I've covered mine with a largish piece of bark. I can't help thinking that the heat absorbed by slate or tile will reflect down to the soil underneath.

anthony mcglen

i to have two clematis with only one stem on each plant yesterday i had a accident when useing my hoe and choped the stem off one

do you think it will grow back the plant is two years old

Anything really that is not planted too close to,the clematis......I.e. 40 cm away.  I have a euonymous microphylla in front of one, a buddleia, a choisya.  If space is limited a slate, tile etc over the soil but not touching.  Such a stone though could create water running away from the clematis so I prefer a good mulch. Water really well in spring, apply a good organic fertiliser and mulch with dried manure or compost 

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