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We just picked up 5 light pink Fressia plants from the garden centre. The plan is to put them in an island cut into the lawn where they'll get full sun. They are about 9 inches tall. How far apart should they be planted? What other plants will look good with them? Will the foliage stay lush and green after flowering until the autumn? It's surprising how little little information there is on line!

Oh dear, Kate -- that article says they like a bit of shade - which contradicts what the instructions on our plants say! Last night we planted them in our south-facing garden where they get full sun all day. I'll call the garden centre today to see what they recommend. Thanks!


I've planted mine into a pot and they are coming along quite well. I've got them in the greenhouse at the moment so I'm keeping my fingers crossed as I have never grown them before. I hope they flower as they were my mums favourite.


I planted some a few years ago. The ones I planted in the borders and in full sun, never came through. The ones in pots located in partical shade, just stunning !!



They go well with Sparaxis - aka Harlequin flower. They are both the same shape, size, contrasting flowers and Sparaxis has no perfume, so does not detract from the wonderful Freesia perfume. Freesia in UK are best in full sun - esp if you want the perfume.

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