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I have had some box plant seeds growing in a container on my windowsill for 2 weeks and there are approx 5 shoots coming through, they just look like blades of grass at the moment, are these the actual box plant or weeds?  Any help would be great thanks.


They'll be weeds. Box will have a pair of seed leaves

Ok thanks, i have got rid of the grass bits, how long do buxus seeds usually take to come throug? kept on a nice sunny windowsill in a plastic container.


Get them outside davie, they need a period of cold before they germinate

Hi nutcutlet, they were in the fridge for a month before i put them in propagator On windowsill.



I think they'd still be better off outside in a sheltered corner -  box are hardy - if you start them off indoors they'll grow soft and lush and leggy.  You need them to be short and stout.  Think Sandi Toksvig rather than Naomi Campbell 


Forget messing about with fridges and propagators. Let it do what comes naturally

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