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Oooh only downer is the fact that my dec book hasn't been delivered so no discount code!!

Most of my plants have been cuttings, seeds, cadged, borrowed etc.  however, there is nothing getting a plant that's truly better than the average.  It elevates the garden to more than it can be!  

I have lost count of the number of hellebores I have but the best are those I've paid good money for.   

I have found myself replacing astrantias, for example, with better newer varieties that out flower those old fogies. ditto for other perennials.

Also within a couple of years or so I can and do propagate from these varieties.  

"bargains" can be had if you seek them out but it doesn't mean always buying tiny plugs.  As I said before on this forum I have managed to buy some of the latest plants as cheaply as plugs.  An example are the agastaches......bought last year I now have several of each variety for very little cost by dividing theto several times..   I have  just bought more grasses in 2 litre pots for same cost as other suppliers' 9cm plugs. 

I bought 2 fantastic hellebores in large pots.last year....hmm, not cheap......that flowered impressively.  At the same time I bought a selection of plugs from the same supplier and they will not flower for at least another 2 years.  I will have my own seedlings by then 

I'm not finding a red double for less than around £15, is this what you spend?? I suppose I panick incase I loose it, it seems like a lot if it takes an exception or has a mardy.

i speak with you and I'm determined to buy one, then i search and I hiccup at the cost, I put it off then an offer comes and the internal turmoil starts all over again!

Look, I know what you mean Red. 

In spring the GC will have hellebores in flower. Why not ask if they are expecting doubles?  They should be lot less than £15. Or are there any secreted in their bargain clearance bays?  I found such a shrub recently that way.....the exact thing I wanted at a bargain price of £4 less another 25%.......£3.  Normally £12. 99 I think.

You won't "lose" it.  Or will it have a "mardy".   

I guess I get carried away at times but I really do think a couple of really good plants to flower this season is better value in the long run than buying several for the future.

Domt be anoxious though about your garden.  I have a feeling you will get it just right in a little time.  Enjoy your garden 

Oh your message sounded like I have annoyed you, sorry not my intention. My friends dont like gardening so my only outlet is here or dad to bounce ideas off. I like other peoples views. I do scour around locally. I have tried 6 garden centres in the last 2 weeks searching for hellebores and all I have found is the green flowered ones and the while! I will keep looking. 


My my downfall is I like to think about gardening when I can't be in it fiddling. It's my escapism Tonic! ????????????

Advertisement not annoyed at all.  I tried to show empathy, that's all, and to try to help you get most from your garden.  Tact is not my strong point ....encouragement not annoyance was meant 

Its not a downfall to think about gardening when not in it.....we all do it.  Well, I do too. Always planning, moving, re-adjusting.  Always seeking "perfection". 

Re hellebores, the new batch will arrive late winter to early spring so "pounce" then for your double red.  The doubles are worth getting though.  

Oh good, misread the tone. I'm patient, I have one free one and one I bought, so next are doubles! I love riding horses and I also love my garden, it's so rewarding. this year it was better than last and next year I want to be better than this. Don't know what and how yet but the shade border and repositioning other bits!!!  Thought the hellebores would add interest. just searching. It's like a dating advert..... I'm desperately seeking ????

Ha ha.  Well, Red, I'm sure ??ou will get what you want 

(I've always wanted to "breed" my own hellebore but will try it next spring)

Get to it, I will sign up as your first customer. ????


Somehow I've acquired 6 hellebores in the last three months.  Two I bought at Ashwood, both doubles, about to flower. Two I bought from the garden centre  at £4, have buds , should flower soon. One came as a prezzy, (someone was psychic), one I bought on monday. The garden centres are just getting in the niger sort, , the orientals should come in in January.

 If you want doubles, have a look here.


Fidget where are you based ..... £4 bargain!!!! Looking at link now



Re double hellebore's, they are a very poor second to singles, I bought my first lot from Ashwood which were singles and the second lot which included the doubles from Harvington.

 Hellebore's grow very strongly with me, I divide them using my grandads very sharp spade!  They seed all over the place, which i transplant into rows to grow on! though it takes between two years, if i'm lucky and three for them to flower and see if the colours are worth keeping as there is a lot of wishy washy pinky, lilacy colours, not worth keeping!

I sell them at the garden club,WI and a local market, the best selling colour is a deep purple, a lot of which turned up in  one years seedlings and I have grown and divided ever since!

I have some single and double whites out at the moment as well as a double pink which is not a great colour!



Red dahlia, if you're willing to wait, I can send you some seed next year from my plants.

Jimmy - rub it in!!!!!


fidget - thank you but I don't have a cold frame or storage room other than a plastic greenhouse, I thought plants as I could nurture in situ but really thank you


Red Dahlia, I have messaged you.



Maybe you should put some on the list for Santa.... you never know.

Oh oh oh I just found plantify on the internet and decent prices, views oh wise ones.... Hopefully you can see the picture of the ones that tickled my fancy


what are you looking for? singles, doubles, niger or orientals? white , pink or picotee. so many choices.

Eeer pretty flowers evergreen and I really want red a pink double as I have a single and a yellow double but if cost precludes then just a red, don't mind single or double!