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A very good simgle hellebore is lovely.....I have a beautiful yellow for example.  But the doubles too are excellent for me.  A mixture of the two is lovely

I suggest people buy them in flower from GC or online from Ashwoods or woottens where the colour is guaranteed


Hi, everyone, been away for a bit, no laptop so catching up here. If butting in where not wanted as not had time to read whole thread, you all know what to say! To go with Red Dahlia's theme of 'purse not big enough', Thompson and Morgan, and now Van Meuwen (although I suspect they may have something to do with T&M) Allow you to swap £5 Tesco vouchers for £15 vouchers to spend with them. Now, I knoe all your protests, they're dear, etc, but I have had few probs, and can really make my purse open further, and from a segment which contains no moths!

You can use your tesco swaps at a rate of 3 per order. That is £45 ecluding p&p. So £15 of Tesco vouchers gives you £45 to spend, and costs Perhaps as much as £6.95 in p&p. BUT, and this is great. IT IS TREATED AS MONEY! So If you Had a previous gift voucher, of say £10, you can use that, too.  You can use 5 vouchers to a value of £50.  PLUS, after some promotional offers, you may have vouchers that they sent you to use. They may be a little limited in how many you can use, but it still ads up to a lot for a little! You may get gift vouchers when ordering certain plants. (my Giant Fuchsias last yr were £5,99 then I got a £5 voucher.) Or you may get promotional vouchers other times. Whatever.

nyway, I had a complaint recently, because I tried to use a promotional voucher 30mins before it ran out. I'd had a couple, so I emailed them, then while I was at it, had a wee complain about 1 pansy and 1 polyanthus missing from an order (for my elderly neighbour's birthday, bought with Tesco vouchers and resulting in the promotional voucher that I was now arguing about, 'cos I was on last minute as usual!) Also, 1 Buddleia from the free pack of patio ones advertised in paper (pay postage only) was dead on arrival. oh, and a packet of free seeds from GYO subscription arrived unfilled, and one of my blueberries looked poorly on arrival with a poor root system, I warned them, in case I may have to complain next yr if it doesn't come back to life with it's brothers! AND whilst I'm at it, I was 2 plants short of the promised 10 Alstromeria the yr before, but hadn't complained 'cos I'm too soft and never do!  ALL TRUE. But only mentioned 'cos I couldn't get the bloody voucher to work! And I was PMT and pissed at the time! So, they answered me, followed up with a phone call, checked my voucher no's, and issued me with £20 more paper gift vouchers for the plants and another £10 promo voucher for the one I couldn't use. So I can now spend my £45 (£15 tesco), £20 gift vouchers, another£5 gift from them that came with an order and I had forgotten, and the £10 promo replacement. £80 I can spend, and will only cost me p&p!

Almost all of my plants this yr have been bought with my tesco vouchers, so I can honestly say I have bought them without guilt. I could buy myself a birthday present, or a silly veg or any plant I really wanted, and know that in putting food into my kids mouths, and growing it for them, I could reward myself with 'frivolous' plants!

Now, I know they don't have the range of varieties for specialistic growers, (I'm a nut for fuchsias, particularly anything that could be trained into a twisted standard!), But they do have a few Hellebores, Red Dahlia. And in general, I have been more than pleased with the quality of thier plants.

Anyway, just a thought (albeit a long one) to make your purse go further!

And, OK, Verdun, I'm sorry. I'll Take whatever hell you're about to give me!!!! What'll it be? T&M? Being Pissed, PMT, not being on for ages, then butting in? Going to the jokes now, see if any new ones in my absence!  Missed you all, anyway. Glad to be back, just got lots of catching up to do.  Will

Brill post. Maybe time to stsrt shopping at tescos!!!!

Hiya gardenjennie

Well done.  Very impressive.  Welcome back

. Do I really give people "hell"?  I will have to behave much better here I think I probably say too much so sorry folks.



V - Knowledge is power!!!!!


GJ- are we talking tesco schopping vouchers or bought gift vouchers??? I may seriously have to look to buy off people or shop then get my ellusive hellebore so I can admire it in the new year!!!


i bought 12mth gardeners world mags for just over £13 with some vouchers. I also buy wine with them. we wait till our favourite one is on offer then trade in the £5 vouchers into £10 ones and if you buy 6 bottles you get another 20% off again. Merry Christmas everone( literally)

Got 2013 calendar half price.      It had December's page missing but  by the time december comes around again I will get 2014 calendar for same deal.  We Cornish aren't daft 

Just got a queen of hearts for 4.99, the lady is charging 10 when they are all in full flow in March. It's 4 or 5 years old minimum and has lots of flower buds. They have doubles too but mixed so will have to wait and look at their colour when they come out. 


So is this a cut doen job or plant and leave. The lady selling was clueless so thought I would ask the professionals!!!!

Verdun wrote (see)

Got 2013 calendar half price.      It had December's page missing but  by the time december comes around again I will get 2014 calendar for same deal.  We Cornish aren't daft 

Err. Did you like the pictures?

. I've just thrown out a 2007 calender I kept because I liked the pictures.


Queen of hearts is a nice spotty pink oriental, so cut off the old leaves and enjoy the flowers.

Going to plant this weekend so will do!!

Sounds good Red.  Well done 

My new hellebore..... It's flowers are now open, how beautiful!!!


Just wanted to say thank you to gardenjennie. Didn't know about the Tesco points. Just bought myself 3 buddleia buzz plants and only had to pay the postage. Brilliant.


Wooooooo hoooo today I got two lo key little hellebourous hybrid a spotted red and a white cream with spots. They were in the sales at 33% off. One has flowers nearly open and the other not quite. They were 4.01 and 3.23 each so a real bargain. Not doubles unfortunately but at least I'm sneaking more into my boardes. 


Again in now just to know if I cut off leaves or don't!!!!

No, don't cut off leaves if they are small plants Red.  Just let them grow.  A hamdful or two of mushroom compost around them would be beneficial


My two.


 Can't wait for the pink one to open.