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Morning KEF.  Exciting isn't it?  


Morning Verdun. Yes I'm excited, the 1st year I've had Hellebores.

I went out to check my two new ones as I put them in the raised bed till I plant them. Now that's sad!! My pink one from last year looks like yours but with slight variegation on leaves. My new one is at same stage too. Well one is but my £3 one is behind !


RD to get one for 3 quid I'd be very happy to wait.   Sold the family silver to buy those two.  Read so much about them on here that I just had to have one and couldn't decide which one so went to look at GC and came back with two, could have been a lot worse as they had about 7 to chose from.  

I have a small Niger one that I think was about a fiver, but don't think it will flower this year.


We've been having temps of 12 to 13 C so my hellebores have started a bit earlier than usual.  The foetidus have been flowering for weeks and the others have just started.   I have held off going out to cut off the old foliage as it was still looking healthy and I wanted it to protect the crown when the frosts do come.   This morning my world was crisp, white and glistening so I'll have to wait to see if it thaws before I go and check them..


Red, check out helleborus Corsicus.  It's a different sort of hellebore.  It's a bigger plant and treated slightly differently.  The leaves are a nice feature too....quite architectural in a way ......and the flowers are lime green tending to form clusters.  Doesnt seem to get any of the usual hellebore diseases.  Mine is in full flower now...has been before Xmas.  


Verdun - I am sure after googling it that it is my farthers type of hellebore. I will take a picture when I'm home next. He is fed up as he has baby ones popping up all over and said he will soon cull. In the mean time take a look at my hellebore in full glory, it's not the new bargain little ones it's the hellebore I boufht for £5 from a lady that wasnt sure what to do with them. I'm in love with it!! .....

Nice Red.  Guess you have got the hellebore bug now!  

V much so. Want to buy more buy will be good and wait for some doubles and at this rate would just have a shade border with all hellebores! Maybe not the best plan!! Im chuffed with my bargains but I'm getting that itch to start gardening, if I could get on the lawn without creating A mud pile! Soon soon!!!


Succumbed to a new one at the GC this afternoon - ivory prince ..... Does anyone know it

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