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Hi there


I ordered some spring bulbs online and they've only just arrived- on the last date they said they would despatch by Is there any point in attempting to plant them?


Its annoying because over a week ago I emailed to cancel the order and didn't hear back from them, so I cancelled well before they despatched. I know I have legal rights from Distance Selling Regulations but I thought I'd ask you all if there's any point in even having a go with them now. Thing is, I won't get a chance if I do try til a week's time anyway.


What are they? Most bulbs will be fine planted now


just plant them . nature will take over  and there free

thanks for yourreplies!


they are a mix, there are-


allium moly




does it matter they wont get planted til friday, so well into december?




I've planted daffs after xmas and they've been OK. I planted some last week. They might be a bit late, but they catch up usually.



I'm just about to plant my tulips today so I would just plant them soil is still quite warm in the midlands.

I think we have only had three cold snaps to date 


This happened to me last year but I planted them in december and they were fine.

just flower a little later than normal


Should be no problem - just plant them and let nature do the rest!  Enjoy the show in spring.

Alina W

Yes, they'll be fine.

I still have tulips to plant!

there will be fine just planted mine and i live in the north east

thanks for all your replies! 3 year old Boo is looking forward to planting the bulbs this weekend.


best thing of all is that i told the company i bought them from that they shouldn't really have despatched them given that i had requested cancellation over a week before they posted them- so they refunded me anyway. so i got the bulbs for free!!

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