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Good morning, I'm new to forum and new to gardening. I have a small border in the front of our house full of daffodils, and now its looking a little untidy. I've tied them down today, and I'm growing about 20 Zinnia (profusion fire) to eventually go in this border in the hope it will cover the dying foliage. But I wondering what could I put out there in the meantime? 



I wouldnt tie them up like that, it inhibits photosynthesis and they may not re-appear next year.

You could always put some Pansy or Viola in there for a few months


Thanks Mattbeer87. What is the best way to tie them?  Or is it best not to tie them at all? 



I wouldnt tie them at all, nature needs to do its thing! 


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Matt's right.  Bulb foliage should never be tied up but left to do its job of replenishing the bulb's energy to make next year's flowers.  

You could plant permanent ground cover to disguise the dying daff foliage.   Hardy geraniums - various flower colours, leaf forms and sizes available, geums, alchemilla mollis are all easy to grow and maintain but you'll need to cut the flowers off the alchemilla to stop it self seeding all over the place.


Permanent ground cover! What a splendid idea thanks so much.Lady's Mantle would look great, and I could edge with Lilly of the Valley.   

I've untied the foliage, so hopefully not too much damage but have a new whole world of ideas to explore so will probably take the daffs up now.  

Thanks again.  


I'd agree with obelixx. A nice continuation of flowering for when the daffs have done their thing. I have lots of low planting in a narrow border with daffs tucked in behind and amongst it. If it's not too sunny, Tiarellas and Heucheras are great. I also have crocus, snowdrops and primulas in mine which will flower before the daffs. 

A word of caution.   Lily of the Valley can be imvasive.  Ditto with Alchemila Mollis.  

I would thin out those,daffodils.   Dig some up and pot them up,or plant elsewhere.  Then, in the gaps between the daffodils I would plant hardy fuschias, dahlias, shrubby potentillas and/or an aster like frikartii Momch. Permanent planting that will cover those daffodils soon.  

No.....don't tie daffodils up.  They need full exposure to sunlight for some 6 weeks if they are to flower well next year.


Thanks Verdun for the great suggestions. I have Lilly of the Valley there at the moment (cannot see them in the piccy) but a little too sunny for them, so they haven't spread.

The hardy fuschia would be excellent and I think a couple of  'Hawkshead' could look great. Can I ask how do you decide what to plant where? And is it best group the same plants together? or just mix them up?     

Fairygirl you mentioned Heucheras, I've found Oh my goodness! They are absolutely stunning, and the They even have sun tolerance ones. Heucheras have just become my first choice. Now just to decide which ones!   

Thanks again everyone for all your great advice, I'm really excited with all the possibilities. 

Caral,  mix them up.  See which plants do well there.  Have variety there


Thanks Verdun, one more question. Next to the fence, is a solid block of 8 foot high conifers trees. When I originally dug it over, I removed the roots and replaced a lot of soil with compost, and then mulched, but will the conifers affect any perennials I plant? If so what is the best way to combat it?  

Morning Caral, a dose of fertiliser.....granular organic like fish old n bone r chicken pellets would be advisable too.  Maybe consider achillea too there....they do well in impoverished soil, grow quickly and vigorously.  Nice feathery foliage and long flowering


I'll finished the border and am really pleased.

I thinned the daffs, gosh, I hadn't realised quite how many were there, thankfully my neighbour was happy to have some. I kept the Lilly of the Valley at one end of the border, and had already put in a Virginia Creeper, hoping that it will self cling and climb up the wall of the cottage. So this evening I planted . ... 

A bleeding heart.. which wasn't do so well in all day sun. 

Pontentilla, don't know its name, but a white one. 

Hardy fuschias - 'Genii'; x 2 

2 heuchera - 'black beauty' and 'lime marmalade' - which were begging me to be bought and planted together!  

A delightful pure blue aster - 'wunder van stafa'  

And Achillea 'cerise queen' 

So now to relax and enjoy a well deserved glass of wine.  Thanks once again for all the wonderful advice. 


Post a new picture once its established. Would be interested to see you new planting.



Will do, Allotment Max. I imagine the 2 heucheras won't stay there long, as although they look great at the moment among the foliage, once the cerise pinks and blues come into flower, I had a feeling I will be filching a little more lawn to find plants to compliment the heucheras colours.  


Just wanted to say thanks for all the advice. I cut back the dead foliage on the daffs today. So thought I would post a piccy of how the border looks now one month on.

I'm quietly pleased







Aquilegias are also good at filling the gap between spring bulbs and perennials.


That's a great idea, Bob. They self seed profusely in the garden, and until just recently I've been digging them up thinking they were weeds. 

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