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I have a bay tree in the corner of my garden.It has been there for 14 years and was previously in a pot for 10 years or so.

Normally I try to keep it clipped to a height of about 6-7ft but it never looks good.

I have been thinking of letting it grow into a tree to give height to the garden.It would need to be pruned from time to time but not 'clipped'.

It has a double trunk and was wondering if I should cut off some of the lower branches as they are very close to the fence so in effect it would branch out once clear of the fence top.

Any advice/help appreciated!

Me again madpenguin.

similar reply to your pittosporum question.....bay will get big;  very big.  

If you let these shrubs get too big it will be difficult to control them later

bay responds to cutting hard back so you can have fun with the pruning.  Yes, you could give it a clear will need to tub out shoots that will grow there though 

i have seen me hollies......pretty big and shaped.  Look good but in summer I decided to cut back by just a couple of feet so future maintenance is essier.  limiting size now before they get out of hand 


Yes I think I shall have to see what it does on its own and keep in check when it needs it.I do so want height in the garden,most things seem to be fence height at 6ft.I want the feeling of being enclosed and not quite so exposed!


You could also let some of the lower shoots grow and 'plait' them round the trunks. Keep all but the top few leaves and shoots trimmed off them and the trunk will eventually look more interesting as the the shoots thicken. Keep the top of the tree pruned or you will have to lean out of an upstairs window to prune it!


The problem I have with my tree is that it is right in the very corner of my garden and I can only access the side in my garden,I can't reach the whole tree as it backs onto 3 other properties.

I think I shall let it grow taller but let it have many branches so I can take out a whole branch without affecting the tallness.I do this with a griselenia,taking out a complete branch ,generally from the inside.This thins it out without changing the shape too much.

I do love the double trunk and if I cut branches off a little higher up it would expose them more.

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