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I followed Monty's advice.planted paper whites,they smelled incredible (but grew too tall and toppled) but what can I do with them now? Can I plant them outdoors? Know they're from Med so unsure


You can do -but honestly best discarded-treat them as annual treat-unlikely to flower again


I am going to throw mine away, can't stand the smell so wouldn't want to save them for another year even if I could..

Beautiful flowers though, but mine ended up outside the back door.



I too hate the smell.

Seriously, dont waste the time, effort etc trying to get them to reflower again. As said, treat as annuals, throw/compost & buy new later this year. J.

Wow I love the smell,my husband hates it too though!



Oh I've put mine in the greenhouse to die off and was going to plant them in a tub. I've not had them before, and thought I'd do what I do with other indoor bulbs. I heard on the radio someone saying it's a waste of time putting indoor hyacinths in the garden after flowering. But i've got dozens that bloom beautifully each year, and they all originated as indoor Xmas presents.

Seems a shame to bin the paperwhites though.

I got my bulb packets mixed up and planted them in the garden. Flowered beautifully all Dec and Jan. When we got a bad frost and snow for 2 weeks they went a bit floppy but looked ok again after a couple of days. Am going to continue with this strange experiment and see if they flower next year!

Alina W

Paperwhites aren't really hardy, in spite of Becca's experience. The other problem is that they need a lot of sun - I did keep mine for a second year once, but only got two or three miserable flowers out of them - a complete waste of time. And I hate the smell!

I'm going to give them a try in t'garden,nothing to lose!

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