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I have a random what I can assume is a rambling rose as it only seemed to flower once last year.  Unfortunately it doesn't seem to have anything to ramble up. 

Would now be a good time to move it, and should I prune it back to encourage a better growth and more flowers. Was thinking maybe it could ramble along this new fence.  What do you reckon.  Where is a good place for them ? 

The rose at the moment, looking v leggy and waving around in the wind. 


The rose last summer


The new fence 


It`s not a rambling rose, going by your first image it is just an overgrown HT rose.Prune it back to the lowest viable buds and plant between the path and the fence.

Thanks Daituom, excuse my ignorance but what do you mean by HT rose ?  

Also something I noticed last year was it had 7 leaves on each stem.  I thought I'd read somewhere that it could either be a sucker or a rambling rose / climber with this? Would that be correct ?  

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